We are FAVORIT, we have existed for 27 years, we produce and sell SPA massage bathtubs. Our team consists of people, our engineers and designers, as well as an excellent production and machine line. And almost three decades of experience are woven into our SPA product and carefully selected components-raw materials from the world's best producers of SPA raw materials. And whether you call our products SPA, Jacuzzi, massage pool, or whatever you like, they will always refer to the best produced, very pleasant to the eye and body, and very powerful SPA massage bathtubs. We exist, produce, create and maintain SPA from idea to realization. Realize all your ideas about your own wellness experience at home and outdoors.

Visit us at our production and sales location in Sabac, and together with us create your SPA (Jacuzzi) according to your own ideas and our advice and experiences. Of course, we must not forget the after-sales support. Therefore service and after-sales are a big plus for us because every spare part that you may need, is always there waiting for you on our shelves, and through our video technical support you will always get the fastest help and answers to all questions that may arise during use, and your FAVORIT SPA will always be ready for your new enjoyment and relaxation.

Because of all the above, the FAVORIT SPA product is the right choice!

Favorit SPA kade

Mi smo se izbotom komponenti koje su ugrađene u Favorit SPA opredelili da Vam ponudimo jednostavnost i intuitivnost uz dugotrajnost u svakodnevnoj upotrebi i održavanju

Maintenance and technical support

Although we make all our products from raw materials from the world's most renowned manufacturers "GECKO", "WATERWAY"….. we are all aware that everything, at any time, may need good maintenance. In order for you to enjoy your FavoritSPA smoothly, always with perfectly filtered and purified water, strongly directed to each of the nozzles, the guarantee is our large stock of spare parts and our telephone technical support service. Our two engineers are always at your disposal for all your questions and concerns (see phone number on page 24 in your warranty card, after purchase). So everything that you order due to an extraordinary event or as expendable material on business days until noon will be at your address the next day. We are aware that excellent service and strong technical support for all our SPA customers are our market power!

Low maintenance costs

The quality of the installed components with "A +" energy efficiency for pumps and "C" for heaters guarantees powerful and quiet operation at low costs. In everyday language, the average daily price of using-owning FavoritSPA is equal to the cost of one cup of espresso. So energy + filters is equal to about 20eur / month *.

* average daily price for all models from our product range and all levels of equipment

Easy maintenance and use

By choosing the components built into FavoritSPA, we have decided to offer you simplicity and intuitiveness with longevity in everyday use and maintenance. Practically all components of our SPA are integrated into an automated unit in such a way that the SPA itself maintains all parameters at the set levels completely independently, i.e. automatically. And you can change all the default settings very easily, and thus individualize the operating modes of your SPA, depending on your wishes and needs.

The only thing left for you is to change the replaceable filters once a year by ordering them through our web shop.

Free delivery of SPA to any address

By simply ordering FavoritSPA, you acquire the right to free * delivery to your location anywhere in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Call us to make a deal on everything. Our experience is at your disposal.

* additional charge option for base models and equipment packages